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Robbie Davis Jr. and Louise Ritsn provided online and personally heated the exchange. Both men will try to lend their anger in the ring when bitter rivals Newcastle United’s hometown clash. In Germany, ArgentinoBenítez decided unanimously to Ritson Older, who lost in three rounds in August last year by Francesco Patera last October, March, and RoqueMarekJedrejejyugi asked to return to their winning ways. Eddie Hearn’s domestic competition is impatient by Matchroom boxing president.

“It was a great build to do this, this is a great domestic fight and an opportunity to sweep 50-50 eliminators and men for a great world title,” said Horn. “Ritson has been picked up from home after losing to the European Championship. I think I would like to move a bit further before he is 140 pounds against a great fighter at 140 pounds Davis Jr., but he won the British, European (Mild title), Lewis, he returns from Ritson’s old age because he believes he can win and sees all 140 great people that want to continue the problem and fight. ”

Highlights of Davies Jnr vsRitson Live Stream

  • Lewis gains Ritsn home at night as he participated in a real 50-50 battle by Robbie Davis Jr. in Newcastle.
  • Davis junior Michal Sirovatka had lost 19–1 in 2017 only to record a similar reply after eight months.
  • Liverpool August hugged the other as they wrote and clashed months after their quarrel.
  • Junior welterweight rivals Robbie Davis Jr. and Louise Ritson will be airing live on the old lady’s “Bad Blood,” and they determination, Diajedan rings their differences at the October 19 Utilita Arena in Newcastle, England.
  • The fight card will include Ted Scott Fitzgerald and Marshall vs. Ashley Curry SawanCheeseman.
  • Robbie Davis (19–1, 13 KOs) is a British junior middleweight top contender Mercedes. He stopped in a rematch of the Polish boxer Michal Sirovatka instead for only professional loss and three games in a row.
  • Lewis Ritson (19–1, 12 KOs) from Newcastle and played most of his career running the light division. Only in his loss professionally, he fought and lost the Francesco Patera Belgian pass division decision action.
  • He has since gone on to junior welterweight because he felt it was much easier to cut the burden on his body, and he was more efficient in the division.

Fight card of Davies Jnr vsRitson Live Stream

  • Junior Welterweight – Robbie Davis Jr. vs. Lewis Ritson Older
  • Junior Middleweight – Ted Chijhman vs. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Super Welterweight – Sawan Marshall vs. Ashley Curry
  • Light Heavyweight – Odenske vs. Ricky Lawrence Summers
  • Giants – Martin Bkole vs. Kevin Johnson
  • Junior Middleweight – Kieron Conway vs. KonradStmpkovski

12:00 PT Sky Sports Diajedan Live Streaming Applications in the US and UK: Watch Lewis Ritson Older vs. Robbie Davis Jr. October 19, 2019 at 2:00 pm ET / 11.

Why do I appear Robbie Davis JR Lewis vs. Written?

  • Davis Jr. vs. Ritsn fight-through-view is not the method available in traditional pay. Conversely, North American fans can sign up to watch a global sports live-streaming service that fights online with DAZN.
  • This match is available on a variety of platforms, including Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, iOS, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4,PlayStation 3 and many more.
  • Davis and backstage Ritson turn bad blood from the old man, where his rites of warming have since exchanged insults, and both must exchange insults, and he must dispense with the cross path with Davis against you.
  • TIFF is on Twitter, and they can’t wait to end the thunderbolt with their fists in the ring. Davis seems to challenge Ritson Geriatric because it may come into the division, and there is no difference between the two that Ritson is Geriatric, and he will be the winner on Saturday night and seems more cut.
  • Robbie Davis, Jr. Battle vs. Lewis Ritson Older Utilita will rain in Newcastle, England.
  • I believe that I clearly won by three or four rounds. I think he knows the real results of everyone here, “Cheeseman said.” I have eight weeks’ time trained as a soldier. I fought there this evening in my heart. “
  • A real question now is that his Cheeseman is again taken with his confidence. He can actually win that trust, and you can tell right from him, but didn’t win. The judges looked as a whole. One is to think of him for the second time in a row.
  • Doubtful about Remnant Pieces, Scott Fitzgerald is good enough every year to maintain without difficulty if he came to the festival as a rocky 2019, which is his year.
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