What do they eat for Breakfast and what you should avoid for better


First it was said that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in the latest studies, the is objected to for some time. The interval fasting or intermittent fasting is not a certain amount of time on food. The almost time is relatively short, depending on the method between four to 24 hours. Interval almost at the end of the Breakfast can usually be. This is considered to be health-promoting. Fasting can bring blood sugar levels back into balance.

Pregnant women, lactating women, children, the Sick and people with eating disorders should stay away from it, aware of meals. Those who take medication such as blood pressure or blood sugar lowering drugs, should consult in advance with his doctor.

is Right and wholesome to eat

studies show but also, who is very calorie-rich as a king eats, the saving in the course of a day, and increasing. The nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm in an Interview with the star says. Who is an unsweetened but in the morning whole grain cereal with nuts and fresh fruit or a slice of whole grain bread with Mozzarella and tomatoes or a glass of fresh mixed fruit Smoothie, milk or coffee, will probably not gain weight.

Nevertheless, it is, of course, on what you eat in the morning: “Breakfast with sweet cereals, white jam, bread or Yeast dough makes the blood sugar rise quickly, stimulate Insulin and thus the blood sugar drops then fix the person is hungry again. This is counterproductive,” says the nutrition expert.

Per se for Dagmar von Cramm, the Breakfast is also not more important than lunch or dinner. “It is an opportunity to collect plus points for the day with whole grains, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds. I can prepare in the evening, for example, in the Form of so-called ‘overnight oats’.”

In the following photo gallery, we give recommendations on what pieces should you early, and what are the dishes you better have a bow should do.

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