What have we eaten in the last 100 years


On the 20. February 1953: The first cooking show on German television was broadcast. The Chef? A certain Clemens Wilmenrod, the name is actually rooster, but from Wilmenrod comes. Wilmenrod is actually not a chef, but an actor – however, he inspired the post-war generation, with its contributions, and influenced the German cuisine is largely. With at the time, unusual ingredients, like Ketchup or Roquefort, he inspired the creativity and imagination of people at home.

In the history Wilmenrod, but with a very special dish that each child up to today’s eating: Toast Hawaii. That was 60 years ago.

The gratinated Toast with a slice of ham, pineapple canned, Slices-cheese and as icing on the cake with a cocktail cherry cult is today. To The Right. Because the Toast is delicious, and is easy in the preparation.

+++ click here to read how she’s Toast Hawaii prepare +++

The Toast Hawaii is just one of many dishes that originated in the last 100 years. At the beginning of the 20th century. Century to people, especially with war and Hunger. At the time, came to the table with what we had in Germany, especially potatoes, vegetables from the garden. Who was lucky, got to bite the meat.

With the end of the war, rose is probably the thing that struck also with the selection of food on the dining table. With the decades, was eventually fat taboo and the consumer flew on all of the foods that were free of grease. Later, the sugar and the carbohydrates are the enemy. Today’s supposed to be especially diverse: burgers, Tacos, or poke-Bowls belong to the courts of this decade. What was eaten from 1910 to today, the loved one, you can refer to the following photo gallery.

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