What is a Béchamel Sauce and how to prepare them


The Béchamel Sauce is one of the five basic sauces of French cuisine. Including Velouté (Roux, with a light stock), Espagnole (Roux with a dark background and the tomato paste), tomato (from the tomato sauce, and tomato sauce), Hollandaise (on a water-bath open egg yolk and Butter) and the Béchamel include:. Prepared in its purest Form only with Butter, flour and milk and season with salt and nutmeg flavoured. The result is a smooth, creamy Sauce that you can use either or as a base for many other sauces.

in order To make a Béchamel, you have to prepare first a Roux. You can be fat in a saucepan and melt, in this case, Butter (30 grams) and stir in the melted Butter to equal Parts flour (30 grams). The Roux should adopt for the Béchamel, no color.

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should some of The best oysters in France there are, of course, to the coast in the North-West. Eaten raw, with lemon and black pepper refined.

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Then it is time to milk (500 milliliters) to stir. The milk turns the Roux in a Sauce. It is important that the milk SIP by SIP in the Roux into it, otherwise it clumps, which later can be filtered out with a fine sieve to form. The mixture is stirred until it has reached the desired consistency. For a Croque Monsieur (the French version of the sandwich), for example, a thicker Sauce is better for a lasagna smoother.

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If, after request, it’s time to season to Taste with salt and nutmeg. And the mother of all sauces is prepared. What to do now? For potato gratins, casseroles or you can use the Sauce as a base for Mac and Cheese. If that is too boring, the refined flakes of the Béchamel with herbs, cheese, lemon zest or Chili. The Nice thing about this Sauce is You can cook according to your taste.

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