What is the White one, the exit at the salmon and you can eat it?


if you treat yourself to a nice salmon fillet or other fish, is probably familiar with this mystery: as soon As the salmon tent in the pan Brut, a white liquid from the fish meat. Sometimes it is thick liquid, sometimes frothy. But where is it? It is fat, or even dangerous?

it’s Neither. The white liquid is a Protein called Albumin. If the muscle fibers of the fish are heated, move in together and press the liquid Albumin to the surface of the fish meat. The protein then reaches a temperature of about 60 degrees, the Protein, and white. Dangerous that is, but the caseous Deposit, of course, is ugly, in addition, the fish loses its juiciness.

often you will find the solidified proteins in the fish, if it is smoked or cooked, or in the can, for example, in the case of tuna.

when is the salmon cooked?

Who is frying fish in the pan and when the fish is cooked, it should not exit, waiting until the Albumin. Better with a knife the Consistency find. An example Is the salmon, in its core, glazed over, this is a good sign. He is, but impermeable to light, you have over-cooked the fish.

to prevent the caseous Deposit

If you feel that the white deposits as disturbing, wipe off the liquid with a kitchen paper. But there is another Trick: Put the salmon for a few minutes in a salt bath before you cook the fish. The salt separates the muscle fibers to the surface. These are fixed when cooking, but without the Protein Albumin to secrete. The salt flavors the fish, you do not need to add salt to the salmon before cooking, so.

How to make salmon fry, so that it does not dry out, you can see here.

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