What to look for in a gas grill – good, there are already 250 Euro


as soon As it gets warm outside to start the barbecue season. Whether Gas, electric or charcoal every grill master has his own preferences. But it must always be a Grill in the value of a small car? No, as Stiftung Warentest has tested. The testers have their twelve gas grills, check.

At the end of five Grills impressed with a good overall mark, including four grill cart with three separately controllable burners and a portable Grill with just one burner. All of them have a hood. The cheapest Good of the grill cart of Toom for 250 euros, which is the only good Portable comes from Weber and will cost 290 Euro. The grill from Landmann Rexon (299 Euro) and the Weber Spirit II (575 Euro), as well as Broil King Royal for 550 Euro are good. But what it comes with a good gas grill?

How to properly

Why you have the chicken completely wrong grilling

By Denise Snieguole Wachter to the Fact it comes with a good gas grill on

1. Usability : Who grill like to, you should choose a Grill that he is getting on. When buying, you should inspect the Grill, whether it is clear and easy to use.

2. Temperature zones : experts recommend to choose gas grills with three burners. The left side is used for the Sear, the center for Cooking and the right side to Rest. Different temperature zones open up more options as a grill with only one burner. Another tip: When grilling, the hood kept as closed as possible, so the thermal can be used optimally. Open Grills need more energy and it takes longer for the food to be grilled is cooked.

3. Temperature distribution : Here, evenly is better. Thus, during Frying, nothing sticks, it should be the grate evenly and over a large area hot.

4. Cost : If possible refillable gas cylinders. Save a lot of money. A Five-pound bottle costs just six euros per kilogram, an Eleven-pound bottle for around three Euro. With each filling, it is even cheaper. It is then for less than two euros.

The whole Test, you can apply for a fee here.

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