Who eats a lot of sausage, is sick faster and die sooner


Vienna, ham and Salami comes at us pretty frequently on bread and eat of it even a little. Previously, meat was considered a luxury item, and often came only once a week on the table. Nowadays, we eat about 80 grams of sausage a day, or almost 30 kilograms per year, with an average of. Since Vegans and vegetarians with are already accounted for.


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By Denise Snieguole Wachter

meat and sausage in Germany is omnipresent. There are the products in bulk and they are particularly favorable. In 2012, scientists from the University of Harvard have found out: people Who eat processed meat die sooner. For their study, the researchers analyzed the diet of 37.698 men and 83.644 women over a period of up to 26 years of age. None of the participants cardiovascular diseases and cancer were, however, 6000 subjects died of cardiovascular disease and more than 9000 of cancer.

the results of The study were clear: people Who eat a daily Serving of red meat, the risk of death increases by 13 percent. In the case of processed meat, the risk is even higher: 20 percent. Depending on the effect of the dose: each daily consumption of 50 grams of processed meat increases the risk further. Who replace the Meat with another Protein such as fish, dairy products, or legumes, could reduce its mortality rate.

Better legumes than eat a sausage

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This is just one of many studies. The “NDR” spoke with a diet researchers, also confirmed the increase in the consumption of meat products, the risk for Arterios sclerosis, stroke, and heart attack. Also gastric and colorectal cancer are now seen as safe proven possible consequence. The WHO has already called 2015 that sausage and meat products is likely to be carcinogenic.

so Far, is not yet fully understood why, especially processed meat products are so harmful. It is the same, whether the sausage is beef, pork or poultry. Two things apply, but so far safe: the Preserve with pickling salt is a risk factor. From the salt nitros are released compounds in the stomach, which are highly carcinogenic. Certainly harmful, also the type of preparation. The very hot Frying or grilling, for example. This can form so-called amines, they are carcinogenic.

nutrition experts recommend to consume a maximum of 20 grams of processed meat per day. That’s the equivalent of a medium-sized slice of ham. It is: The less, the better, and who is a lot of sausage, you are likely to die earlier.

The whole show you can see here in the “NDR”-library!

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