Why are we so crazy about pickles


With the hype around the food, it is a thing: Some people have a legitimate place, others are completely coated, in the worst case even harmful to health. Also fermented foods such as Sauerkraut, Kimchi (spicy pickled Chinese cabbage from Korea), Kefir, and Kombucha, a kind of fermented tea, pickled vegetables such as pickled cucumbers are experiencing a Boom.

For the health and Wellness of the brigade are found in fermented foods, the future, you will have to propagate for several years. There are dozens of books on the subject. But why fermented foods are supposed to be so healthy?

Fermentation is nothing New

For millennia, can be made food by the natural process of Fermentation is durable. For micro-organisms. Under optimal conditions, bacteria and yeasts, which turn acid natural sugar in alcohol or milk. Fermented food we all know beer and wine, for example. In the same way as bread, Sauerkraut, olives, chocolate, coffee, many varieties of cheese and pickled cucumbers. All of these foods are good for our intestines. In him life countless bacteria, which are part of the immune system and our well-being taxes. In fact, scientists even claim that the intestinal flora has a much larger impact on our lives than previously thought.

You have to think of our intestinal flora as an Ecosystem that is inhabited by countless microorganisms. Actually. By our Western lifestyle and penchant for Fast Food that is full of chemical additives, we will destroy the useful little helpers in our gut.

Who consumed fermented foods, not harmful to the body. On the contrary, the more variety you eat, the better for the intestinal flora.

Crazy about pickles

Also the German society for nutrition (DGE) to of the intestinal flora for the health of the people an important role. Fermented foods are acid by using the lactic-producing bacteria in the intestine a favorable influence, and even disorders such as constipation, diarrhea and inflammatory bowel disease to reduce or prevent.

All of these properties can be also provided, so fermented pickles award. No wonder, then, that the cravings (at least for the author of this text) to the crisp, sweet-decays pickles never. You do our body good.

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