Why are you cooking grease, never in the sink should tilt


olive oil for the salad oil or sunflower oil for Frying, canola oil for deep frying. Edible oils we all use in the household. But one must discard not completely empty bottles in the waste glass Container? And what to do if the Oil has become rancid and just not like it? Then the oil is still there, you can tilt it just in the sink?

The question must be answered in the negative vehemently. Still hot cooking oil or fat from cooking, such as from the pan or the deep fryer must not be discharged into the drain. The usually made of plastic, high temperatures could make these melt quickly. In addition, it would not pollute the sewage, but the pipes in the house bonding and, ultimately, clogging. This could be really expensive.

Oil belongs in the garbage

so What can you do with it? Residue from bottles belong in the normal household waste, the residual waste bin. So it is not slippery and dirty, should you can fill them with leftover Oil. For example, in plastic or glass bottles, in which it was purchased. (Note: The Oil should, of course, room temperature). Let hot Oil cool down and the same procedure as with oil residues from the bottle.

Sometimes the food can be inserted in the Oil, for Example fish, olives or vegetables. Also, these residues are allowed in domestic waste. Or even more: the Oil from the tuna taste delicious in Pasta, and the leftover Oil from the pickled vegetables used as a salad dressing. It is best to collect the leftovers in a glass jar, and then firmly locked in the residual waste.

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olive oil

olive oil has a great advantage, explains nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm, it does not need to be heavily edited, because the Oil is already included in the Mature fruit flesh. Add to that a high Vitamin E content and the positive effects on the heart and circulation. “Because it is pressed in, as a rule, cold, it contains many bioactive substances, which act against inflammation and as a preventive measure against cancer. Responsible for the positive effect of the Mediterranean kitchen,” says the expert.

© Which Oil is healthy?

all is not Oil that glitters know the nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm. Cooking oils differ. More specifically, in three groups, which are more or less healthy:

1. Saturated fatty acids: In this case, all of the binding arms of the carbon are filled with hydrogen, chemists call the “saturated”. You are, for example, in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, Lard or Butter.

2. Monounsaturated fatty acids: At one point in the chain, not all of the binding arms are saturated with hydrogen””; here is an unstable double bond is formed. The most important thing in this group, the Oleic acid, which occurs in larger quantities, for example, in the olive -, almond – or peanut oil.

3. Polyunsaturated fatty acids: they have ties with two or more double. Because the body can not produce itself, we need to take them like vitamins on a regular basis with the food. They are inserted in cell membranes and serve as building blocks for tissue hormones, which regulate, among other things, inflammatory processes and blood circulation.

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forget about

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