Why do we crack eggs wrong


Who needs eggs for a recipe, the same every Time: eggs pack from the fridge, take the Egg at the edge of a bowl or a pot to pitch and process. Eggs for many dishes: poached eggs, fried eggs, cakes, Frittata and so on. And yet most of the people on beat the eggs wrong, edge is not suitable for this.

It looks particularly casual, an Egg on an edge. Many a professional creates even with just one Hand. But you don’t have tried a second Time, because the Egg left right? Quick little bits of eggs falling shells in the bowl. To fish them out again, you need the patience of job. But there is a Trick to avoid exactly that.

Instead of the edge of the bowl, you should turn the Egg on a flat surface. Due to the pressure on the Egg, the shell will crack exactly in the middle, without having to fish later in bits and pieces from the bowl.

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Egg in Avocado baked This not only looks pretty, but also delicious. For this you need to seed the Avocado and a bit of the avocado flesh to remove. Then simply in the Egg and at 200 degrees for 15 minutes bake in the oven. Flavor don’t forget!


to beat eggs properly – in three steps

1) Hold the Egg in your dominant Hand. Firmly grasp it, so that it is pointing with the long side down.

2) Tap the Egg against a solid surface. Best on a kitchen countertop. By the pressure if a crack should occur exactly in the middle.

3) In the middle of the crack should be an indentation. Drag the Cup to the cracked body. Pieces of egg-shell should not end up with this method in the bowl.

There is hardly a food which can be of diverse prepare than eggs. But there is a method of preparation that is optimal? If you want to learn more, please read here:

+++ With this preparation, you can get the most out of eggs +++

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