Why Gelato in Italy is dying – and the two Italians want to make it, therefore, as in the past


Guido Martinetti, they were winemakers. Her business partner Federico Grom financial Advisor was. Actually, you have no idea of ice cream. How they came up with the idea to make ice cream and sell it?

it is equal to anticipate: It is called Gelato. (laughs).

Well. Then Gelato.

anyone Who knows me, knows that I am always looking for the Optimum. In a lunch break at the winery of Angelo Gaja (note. d. Red.: one of the most prestigious wine makers in Italy), I read an article in the Italian newspaper “La Stampa” from slow food founder Carlo Petrini. The complained that in Italy is becoming increasingly difficult to find Gelato like it used to.

How was it earlier?

It was made from natural ingredients. Without the use of additives. And the Gelato was respected as Italian cultural heritage.

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By Denise Snieguole Wachter

What is the Problem with Gelato in Italy today?

Often the Know-how and the lack of understanding of just what Gelato is actually. The profession of an ice cream was considered a simple Job. This is not true at all. Gelato is an art, and an Italian heritage, it is important to preserve it.

So you have to open your own Gelateria in Turin.

Exactly, the was 2013. We wanted Gelato to offer, the as it used to taste. It was a Hit. Only a short time later Carlo Petrini wrote an article about us.

What is the secret of a perfect Gelato?

There are two. The first secret is to comprehend agriculture as the origin of everything and to communicate with the producers. It is like wine. A Merlot under Noir and the Cabernet Sauvignon is different from the Pinot. Annabelle is different from Elsanta and Camarosa. These are all strawberry varieties. At the end you can taste the difference in the Gelato. The second secret of harmony: the Balance between the ingredients. Between sugar, protein, fat, fiber and water.

Who wants to make a good Gelato, you need just the perfect Balance?

So it is. I’ll give you an example: If the coffee bean, you consume, has acid too much, you only need a little more sugar. The sugar balances the acid. It is the same with the Gelato ingredients.

What is Gelato-variety was the first that you have produced?

That was hazelnut. The Interesting for the variety: it consists of 55 percent from fat, because hazelnuts contain a lot of Oil. The Gelato will keep in Balance, you must only use very little cream.

2008 you have bought an own Farm. It is said that they had not been with the quality of the ingredients from the trade satisfied.

Yes, that’s true. For trade nice-looking fruit will be grown. But we wanted to get the full Aroma. So we don’t cultivate our own fruit, which is nice, but incredibly tasty. At the same time I take care of relationships with producers, the focus on quality. Whether for hazelnuts or chocolate. The basic product determines the taste.

you now have 78 Gelato Shops of Italy, Dubai, and Shanghai to Hollywood. How do you ensure the consistently high quality?

For all of our stores worldwide, we produce the liquid Gelato-mass here in Italy. Which is then shipped frozen to all parts of this world. First, the mass is stirred and then to Gelato. I don’t want my recipes to be changed. Therefore, the Gelato of Grom tastes the same everywhere and the quality remains constant.

What are you good ice cream

Thereafter never again buy ice cream in the ice cream parlor (except for learn)

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

sell your pre-packaged varieties at the supermarket. How is this different from the ice cream from your shop?

there are two differences: more sugar, and more air. Because the Gelato is cooled in the supermarket at a much lower temperature than in the Shop, ensures you that the Gelato is home and better portioned and creamy.

How your product differs from the competition, for example, of Ben&Jerry’s?

This is as if you were to compare Rock’n’Roll with classical music. I respect the ice-cream from Ben&Jerry’s. they produce a Premium ice-cream, the fat is richer than Gelato and American culture reflects. The flavor in Gelato, however, is much intense. In the case of Ben&Jerry’s, it comes to Indulge in our Gelato to elegance.

you want to preserve with your product, the cultural heritage of Italy, but not only that. You have a emotional attachment to the Gelato …

The. Gelato is my Soulfood. It may sound corny, but when I was little, I went in the summer months with my father eating ice cream. My parents had separated. I associate Gelato with my earliest Childhood, it gave me comfort donated. With our Gelato, I want to carry this feeling further. My greatest moment of Happiness is when children eat our Gelato and a big smile.

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