Why is this meat porridge now as minced meat can be sold


in Front of a good 28 years, the American companies invented “Beef Products” is a product called LFTB, lean finely textured beef, which means as much as “lean, finely textured beef”. A few years later, the LFTB was treated additionally with ammonia, in order to make it more durable and to prevent contamination. Once ABC News called it “” the stuff “pink slime” and had to grab deep into the pocket. “Beef Products” complained of character assassination. The court gave the companies law. Looking at the meat mass from the vicinity, you could get the impression that “ABC News” was the designation at all times so wrong. The us Department of Agriculture (USDA) has now decided to label the meat mucus as just minced meat. How could it come to this?

to understand what it is LFTB really, you should see the procedure in more detail. There is nothing wrong with that. For the production of meat remnants that landed otherwise, in the garbage, burned, or for animal food would otherwise have been used. As the Name implies, the LFTB from beef and veal production but can also be adapted for other types of meat. Is used for the preparation unsellable meat and mechanically separated meat.

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What is MSM is it is really so disgusting?

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

MSM is a meat porridge, many consumers as disgusting and minimum reject value. The pink and pulpy MSM is a machine, and under high pressure-induced bone separated and crushed. Most of the meat to the bone-bearing coarse crushed, and then through a perforated cylinder pressed. Bone and cartilage remain in the cylinder, the pink slime is collected, the MSM. You can read more about this here.

The meat porridge is prohibited in Germany

Because of the BSE scandal is banned mechanically recovered meat from cattle, goat and sheep in Germany because it may contain parts of the spinal cord or the nervous tissue, and thus prions, which could under certain circumstances cause the Creutzfeld-Jakob disease. MSM from poultry and pork, however, is allowed by law.

The meat porridge “Beef Products”, is mentioned in the media and among critics as “pink slime”, in the USA, however, both meat remnants as well as mechanically separated meat, even beef. The product is used for the extension of minced meat. Alternatively, it wanders in minced meat dishes such as Hamburger, meatballs and sauces in food service, including school feeding.

Critically, however, the treatment of the fleischb rice with ammonia is considered to be. This should actually avoid the bacterial load and the resulting odor development. The Problem is that ammonia-treated meat was relatively contaminated frequently with E. Coli and Salmonella. The “New York Times, has found” in a large-scale analysis of quality controls.

there is No difference between the Hack and the meat slime

in 2012 sued “Beef Products”, the media company to “ABC News”, because they had used the term “pink slime” to the Meat paste. The lawsuit ended in 2017 with a comparison of about 177 million US dollars. The highest sum paid in this case.

What is new: The USDA has checked in the meantime, the “pink slime” and came to the conclusion that you should refer to the meat of mucus just as a normal minced meat. The reason for this: “Beef Products” means the meat mash is now a new product has been optimized. What exactly changed is not known. For the customer, but the decision is verherrend, because there is no way to distinguish the meat slime meatball, which was treated with ammonia, of a normal Burger.

sources: “USDA”, “New York Times”, “New Food Economy”

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