Why is Tofu-Wiener and soy pulp from the Veggie shelf relegated to


a few weeks ago, as the Federal Ministry of food and agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU) – released without much fanfare – new guidelines for “vegetarian and vegan food”. Have been) developed quite entertaining ideas already in the last year of the German food code Commission (DLMBK. Determines which ingredients and names of food in this country is allowed. Clarified the year is not a long Back-and-Forth between the producers of Veggie-meat products, and the traditional meat industry, with the eight pages on imitation sausage products and their sensory properties, of course. While the German butchers ‘ Association, which had requested the Revision of the principles in 2016, is happy not to taste of the Veggie industry.

What is in the new guiding principles?

Meatless cold cuts are booming

If a vegetarian sausage want to

ham sausage, beer, ham, or similar terms are specific sausages are on the so-called Meat substitutes, according to the DLMBK now taboo. After that, it is a bit more complicated. The products may be referred to as “… in the manner of a” or … … flavor”. But only if you are the fake sausages-sensory-that is, in appearance, smell, taste, consistency and mouth feel, sufficiently similar, the finest German officials. Who evaluates exactly is unclear. Also Schnitzel, goulash, Stew, meatballs, Wiener or concrete sausage names like liver sausage Veggie rejected products may only be labelled if the sensory features of the Original sufficiently similar. Furthermore, write the authors of the guidelines, that at the name of the product “vegetarian” or “vegan”, as well as the replaced ingredient, for example, “… with pea protein” has to be specified. In vain you will look at the vegan meat and sausage counter in the future, for example, the meat-free “beef tenderloin”, as it is a specific Meat cut.

Bulky and the opposite of “fancy”

legally binding, the guiding principles of the Berlin Agriculture officials are not, by the way. According to the Ministry, they have the character of expert opinions of prominent quality. Much ADO about nothing, one might think so. But far from it. Because some of the producers of Veggie products find, well, rather bulky request names for their popular meat – and sausage-imitations not at all “fancy”. Can’t ignore it but also because the food supervision, which is based on the guiding principles, look very carefully at the fingers.

What is the meaning of the guiding principles in concrete terms?

to print on the labels of his “Tofu-Wiener” now with “vegan soy sausage and Wiener type”, Valentin Jäger, product Manager and head of quality management at Taifun Tofu in Freiburg, to understand, really. The customers for more than 20 years in the name of “Tofu-Wiener” used to, says hunter in an Interview. In addition, the cumbersome name would hardly fit on the labels. The bird the new name for meat-free liver sausage shoots: “vegetarian soy-spreadable sausage made with liver sausage taste” should not be on the packaging, so that consumers confuse the product with the real liver sausage. “We’re not gonna make it.” Hunter hopes to find like-minded people from the industry. He wants to leave it in a dispute to arrive. With the output open.

German farmers ‘ Association fears the confusion

Meanwhile, the German farmers Association (DBV) and the Federal food, have turned on law and Food science (BLL) in the lively discussion of vegan Schnitzel, Salami and sausage. At least a slight stomach rumble felt DBV Secretary General Bernhard Krüsken, after he had studied the eight-sided work of the DLMBK. From his point of view, it is difficult to explain, that the name of a plant porridge existing piece as a “vegetarian Schnitzel” waved through. Also, the term “vegan sausage” is allowed – in contrast to “vegan Salami”. Just like the BLL Krüsken feared that the guiding principles for the consumer are more likely to be misleading than helpful.


For vegetarian meats kills more animals than it is for the “Original”

the hunter: “The power of work and costs money,”

Now, the Minister sees Klöckner, of course, different. In particular, it stresses the pioneering role of Germany in terms of presentation and name of vegan and vegetarian food. “Consumers have a right to clarity and truth,” said the CDU politician. In the new guidelines, you see, therefore, a real value. Valentin hunter of Taifun Tofu cost you in addition to a lot of nerves, especially money. New name, old label discard new print advertising – do all that work, he quarrels. And anyway: Why do meat producers sell actually Bavarian leberkäse contains no liver?

sources: “Deutsche handwerks Zeitung”; fleischwirtschaft.de; “Ostthüringer newspaper”

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