Why is your chicken completely in the wrong grills


Sometimes the grilled chicken looks perfect, if you will, but it is cut, it is Inside still raw. An absolute No-Go at the Barbecue. It is deflected in a short time, burns the chicken quickly, or it will be dry. The worst BBQ chicken-but then, if it is simply tasteless. How you prevent all this? Just avoid the following six mistakes.

1. You don’t marinate your chicken

So that it stays especially juicy, place the chicken on best in milk. So the result is tender, especially. But there is also the opportunity to marinate the meat dry.

2. You grill the meat too hot

Clearly, a high temperature is a Must for a crispy skin. After that, you should not reduce the heat quickly so that the chicken will burn or become too dry.

3. At best, the meat rich too early and too much with Sauce

brush the chicken is not too early with Sauce, otherwise they will burn you. You wait until the last Minute.

4. You make no differences between chicken thighs and chicken breast fillet

bone-in meat takes on the Grill longer than a fillet. So it can easily happen that the leg is still raw, to dry while the Filet is. For starters, you focus on one of the two.

5. Do not use a meat thermometer

especially the chicken, it often happens that it looks from the outside though, the inside is still raw. Therefore, use a Thermometer. It shows 70 degrees Celsius, you can take it from the Grill and a few minutes to let it rest.


Steak at Aldi for 1.99 Euro consumer goes viral snaps on Facebook

A 600-grams-neck-steak for € 1.99 at Aldi Süd? A consumer will find the “sick” and makes the Facebook air. The Post went viral, and now even Aldi comments.

By Denise Snieguole Wachter 6. You buy the cheap stuff

you merely the fingers from the cheap discount chicken. The better the quality of the meat is, the better it will taste to you. And you do something Good for animal welfare. If it is too expensive, buy less meat and more vegetables. Also the taste of grilled superbly and goes very well with chicken.

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