Why should white rice (in large quantities) and eat


In Asia, is rice a day on the dining plan. He belongs to the staple food of billions of people around the world. To buy, there is rice in various varieties. The most common but consumed white rice. Many people think white rice is healthy. The on say, how to eat it. In the Form of an Asian court with a lot of vegetables in the side dish lightness is awarded.

But white rice is really easy and also healthy?

Brown rice keeps you full longer

From a nutritional perspective, brown rice is better than white rice. Why is that? White rice is digested quickly and converted into sugar. Only for a short period of time it is full. Brown rice is digested (such as wholemeal) slower, and contains more fiber and fills the stomach for longer and prevents cravings.

Never again in the mud of rice!

This error does not make you cook Rice

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

“White rice is so healthy. It is similar to white flour. The only difference is that rice is usually eaten with plenty of vegetable side dish, while white flour is topped with sweet particles, or as a bread with Butter and cold cuts,” says the nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm at the request of the star. “This rice is good for people with allergies and celiac disease. Rice is gluten-free.”

rice is often contaminated with arsenic, which can cause large quantities of cancer. The consumer therefore warns against to eat very much rice, and advises, small children, rice products such as rice cakes only in moderation.

Brown rice has more nutrients than white rice

When white rice is “polished rice”. This means that the nutrient-rich silver skin and the underlying seed coat were removed. So rice can be stored longer and in the preparation he is also faster than brown rice. Nevertheless, Only the polishing of rice has led to the discovery of Vitamin B1. The nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm confirmed. As all population groups (for example, on Java) could afford white rice, they were sick. They suffered from Vitamin B1 deficiency, which can lead to nerve inflammation.

A U.S. physician referred to the “Independent” of white rice once as a “stripped carb”, as in “stripped carbohydrate”. He says, by the polishing of the important nutrients would be stripped off easily. Including only white rice does not fall for him, but also bread, white tortillas or Breakfast cereals, wheat.

Brown rice is usually offered as a full grain of rice or unpolished brown rice. Its protein and fat content of the skin are due to the remaining silver is very much higher. In addition, it contains more than double the amount of Magnesium than white rice.

Who, incidentally, white rice thinks would have less calories than Pasta, you are wrong. 100 grams of cooked rice comes in at 130 calories – just as much as noodles.

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