Why three hot meals per day are not bad at all


The Vietnamese slurp for Breakfast, a hot beef broth with rice thin slices of pasta, beef, with onions, cilantro, chilies, as well as in some regions with the lime juice and fish sauce. In other Asian countries, the bowl of rice is to every meal is mandatory.

in this Country there is a slice of bread or a bowl of muesli for Breakfast, at noon the German like it hot and in the evening, a salad or simply evening bread too. But something about it really speaks to eat three warm meals per day?

The answer to that is pretty easy. It doesn’t matter whether the food is hot or cold, as long as the body gets all the right nutrients in the right quantity. As the food cools down in the stomach anyway to body temperature. In addition to, especially, if more energy is supplied, as needed by the body. In addition to food scientists agree.

In the case of some foods, such as meat, eggs and potatoes, it is anyway advisable to not eat these cooked or roasted, because they are in the raw state, fit for human consumption or for reasons of hygiene heated.

eat Three times warm? Why not!

That you are allowed to eat three hot meals with a good Conscience, is, therefore, quite clear. So if you want to start your Morning with a warm Porridge, lunch is a soup to enjoy, and for dinner a plate of pasta wants to eat can do so safely.

Hirschhausen diet

lose weight with intermittent fasting – four success stories of “Healthy life”-readers

A completely different question is, whether it has to be three meals a day. Not without reason, very en vogue is interval fasting. This means, you voluntarily for a certain period of time on food. In the case of the 16:8 method (Eight-hour-diet) you eat on a period of eight hours a day. (Read more about it here!)

The effect according to studies, a positive effect on the metabolism. Also Eckart von Hirschhausen confirmed that the body of a sink in a normal diet, the energy intake, the metabolic rate remains low, when the diet is completed. “Unlike the fasting: the body is not permanent, but temporarily no food, it will switch on fat burning,” says Eckart von Hirschhausen.

You should not, therefore, think about whether you can eat three warm meals, but rather, whether you in between times just to fast.

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