Why we should have more pork to eat


half of it is The Germans consume about 60 kilograms of meat per head, pork. Are annually slaughtered about 60 million pigs, and almost six million tons of pork produced. These are enormous Numbers. Numbers, which can also lead to problems. Meat consumption is a matter of conscience for the consumer more and more often. But how okay it is actually to resort to the cheap shelf?

The ZDF has addressed these issues and in the documentation of the “pulp industry” on the shadow side of the pig breeding reported. Who makes the cheap Schnitzel at all possible? Especially the mass animal husbandry, so the conventional stance. Here, many animals are in a very tight space, the pigs have no spout, no straw, and no employment. A prerequisite for this is that there are chips for 1.99 euros on the market.


Why not more pork meat by roasting have

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

in The end it all depends on the money. The pigs have more space, you would incur more cost to the farmer. That means every square meter more for the animal, it would be less money for the farmers – or more expensive meat for the consumer. The same financial Problem is the castration of male piglets. In order for you will not be sexually Mature, you cut off the testicles. The without anesthetic. There are also other ways in which the animal would not suffer. For example, as a result of vaccination. For this, the country would have to pay the host, but and also the consumers reach deeper into the bag.

pig breeding in Germany: mass instead of class

Since the question, whether it is for animal welfare value? Anyway. By 2021, male piglets may be castrated without anesthesia, then the operation is prohibited. In many other European countries such as Belgium, the practice is no longer allowed a long time ago.

The pig-breeding in Germany is trimmed on quantity. The policy is responsible: Instead of focusing on quality, and to achieve long term, better prices, and was absolutely set on mass and on the world market – and not just on local markets. Meat has become a mass product.


meat Sommelier Ronny Paulusch

“Good meat everyone can afford, this is not a question of money”

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

so What can you do? The ZDF has held with talks with experts, to push the Problem to the farmer, would be too one-sided. Also, the politics and even the consumers are responsible for the mass animal husbandry. Because what customer has ever complained about to cheap food prices? The farmers earn on the pigs hardly any money, more and more are closing their businesses, because the price for a Kilo of pork is so low. The farmer only a little more than a Euro to stay.

The business with Germany’s pigs, is complex. The price pressure is a Problem, but also our eating habits. We only eat a few parts of the pig, much is considered as waste and is therefore not for sale on the German market. But even here there are changes. The “Nose-to-tail movement” is to eat all parts of the animal. So, from the snout to the tail, to consume in a more sustainable way of meat. We would eat more pork, it would solve many of the problems of mass animal husbandry easier. It makes a simple statement: A pig feeds approximately 200 people, we want to eat but only the premium parts, such as the fillet, it needs more pigs.

all The documentation you can see here in the ZDF media library.

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