Wine without the dress code: This woman takes us to the fear of wine


opens Who the door to the wine of St. Pauli, one enters a world as it should be: on the shelves are bottles from all over the world towers, behind the counter is a power-Packed young woman, who greeted all with a hug, but at least with a big Grin on his face. Stephanie Döring is the head of the wine shop. It succeeds in a completely unpretentious way to present wine. In Hamburg, her Shop is already a brand. The second, in Cologne, is already. The concept is simple: in The early afternoon, you can buy the juice of the grape, in the evening, you drink it.

At first glance, the wine is hiding the store in Hamburg’s famous district St. Pauli completely inconspicuous between kebab shops, a Bar and a Fine Dining Restaurant. Stephanie Döring actually wanted to open never a Shop, a wine shop, which originated rather as a kind of escape route. Get out of the group, away from the Desk, no office work. Döring childhood dream was to run a Hotel. So she gave everything to achieve this goal: training in the hotel business in her home town of Warendorf near Münster. There her Talent for wine showed up quickly. So she was sent to Hamburg: the prestigious Five-star Hotel Louis C. Jacob. Since she was just 19 years old and learned from Hendrik Thoma, Master Sommelier and one of the best men of his time, everything about wine, perfection and professionalism. He was her Mentor.

Why here, not afraid of wine

must have Who of wine-no clue, I found it difficult to speak with someone who is professional. “What do you like to drink?”, the trained sommelier asks. “A white, not too sweet, like to dry.” And now, what is different Döring of other Sommeliers and wine merchants coming from: she takes a fear, as an Amateur from time to time.


winery by Juliane Eller

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By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Short, she rummages in the fridge and comes back with two white bottles of wine. The labels are colorful and look different than in the discounters. “Try this on. This is our house wine Quai, from Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc. The Kai one for us, in Rhine-Hesse,” explains Döring. The first SIP is fresh, the fruit comes crisp. “The drinking the river,” says Döring describes the palatable wine. “Or the gem, a white Burgundy from Juliane Eller. She is a very young winemaker who has taken over the farm of their parents.” The melting and taste for a long time. The decision is made quickly.

in The end, it is, in fact, that’s exactly why you like it or don’t like it. This is also Stephanie Döring Credo. She knows the story behind each wine. Almost all of the growers has not already met in person, others create it in the first place to the range. The binding on the winemaker, in the end, it also binds the guest.

Cheap DC grey-full?: How good a wine for 1.99 Euro can be actually? Fullscreen

What? Blancbois Vin de France dry, France, 2013, 11.5% vol

from where? Penny

How much? 2,49 Euro for a 1 Liter bottle

©Tanja Hirner At Gordon Ramsay

not done The classical training in the star hotel, it was sometime enough. So Hendrik Thoma, conveyed to the then 23-year-old Döring to Gordon Ramsay to London. The is notorious especially for his outburst on television. But also a pretty successful cook, a wealthy entrepreneur, and a Star, at least in the English-speaking world. In one of his Restaurants Stephanie Döring is head sommelier. For the next six years are their most formative. She surfs on a wave, which revolves around wine, star restaurants, and work around the clock. “The pressure was immense. But I thought it was good, it was one of them that we thought we were the best. We strove for perfection,” says the sommelier. It Restaurant openings in New York, Prague, Versailles, London, Cape town follow. “Free? I’ve never had. Then I stayed in Cape town to hang. I needed a break. I no longer felt the Drill at work. I had a Routine that bored me”.


Is Gordon Ramsay the next Wutveganer?

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

With Germany had already complete at this point. Actually, she wanted to stay abroad, for example in a winery in South Africa to work. Then the call from Hamburg came and again Hendrik Thoma had a Plan. Together with Hawesko, the Hanseatic wine and sparkling wine Kontor, headquartered in Hamburg, to Döring the master sommelier Videos to a younger audience. Until then, the wines have been ordered mainly through the catalog by phone. The channel was called “tvino”, but the concept did not. “That was a good time, but we have done everything wrong. The Videos were 45 minutes long, the wines cost around 40 euros. So there’s nothing for young people,” recalls Döring. Later, she describes the time as the worst in her professional life. She hated it, to stand in front of the camera, and have used every opportunity to come away from the Desk. And terminate you don’t want to give up, Döring had the ambition to write a success story at Hawesko.

Of the employees for the business woman

On a wet and cold autumn day, the sommelier ran through the Hamburg Sternschanze and stopped at an ice cream parlour to hang. The leased area for the Winter. So the sommelier wrote on your own a lease agreement. She wanted to open a Pop-up Shop. Wines to pour, talk about, in a casual atmosphere. Without a dress code, as was the Slogan for the wine shop will be hot. From this point on, you had to do any more Videos. The Board of management of Hawesko let you do that. Budget there was hardly any. So Döring built with friends, furniture from pallets, paid much out of his own pocket. The result: In the year of the wine had to load the most sales online.


New wines

Til Schweiger: “in the past, I could drink three bottles of wine in the evening”

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Perhaps the wine group had Döring, therefore, make. In the company, she was a colorful bird that always came with liquor ideas around the corner. That you would open up at the end of a fixed Load, so that no one has expected. A friend called her one day, she should immediately come in the Paul-Roosen-Straße. The later location of the wine shop. A loading area was spontaneously freedn, the burst at lease in the short term. So Döring decided on their own again and wrote for a large Corporation a lease. “I had sleepless nights. Hawesko said to me afterwards that I should not lease more alone sign,” recalls Döring.

But you had the right intuition. With more or less extensive renovation of the wine was St. Pauli to the Institution in the quarter. At some point, the concept no longer fit for a large group and not wanted to keep him necessarily. Therefore, Stephanie Döring bought the brand. Before that, they opened a second Store in Cologne. She has created a place where you can drink wine, “without having to get a Text pushed in”. Unless you want to of course learn more. Then, you get explained everything as you were five years old.

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