Yeast extract what is it and is it really so bad?


for Years, glutamate has been with the Chinese Restaurant syndrome: guests complained about symptoms such as itching, dryness of the mouth, pain in the limbs. What had you eaten? To acids according to their view, a lot of glutamate, which are the salts of the non-essential Glutamine. The come in natural Form in many foods, but are also produced artificially and used as a flavor enhancer. Especially in Asian dishes, and also finished products.

glutamate is designed to lead to side effects and also appetite stimulating effect. Scientifically this is not proven, the consumer Central rates, however, prior to the consumption thereof. Always rare to find, therefore, glutamate in products, yeast extract has replaced the taste of the amplifier. But how is this different? Yeast extract glutamic acids, amino acids and B-vitamins. In contrast to glutamate, the extract does not count as a food additive and must not therefore be declared as a flavor enhancer.

“My Japanese cuisine”

Umami-bomb! For this Japanese Miso Spaghetti you need only three ingredients

yeast extract provides the umami

to understand why glutamic acids are used in foods, one must consider their taste. They taste savory, spicy, meaty or “umami”, the fifth taste (besides sweet, sour, salty, bitter). Free and bound glutamic acid also comes naturally in protein-rich foodstuffs, for example in the Parmesan cheese, tomatoes or fish. And even in the mother’s milk. We take Glutamic acid as a full, true, and a perfectly rounded taste. No wonder, then, that the industry would like to help out in food with the full-bodied taste enrich. Earlier with glutamate, today with yeast extract.

yeast extract is obtained from Baker’s or brewer’s yeast, it is the cell juice, the yeast, the there are a to acquire as a brownish Paste or yellowish powder. In Australia and new Zealand yeast is deleted extract like Vegemite, in the UK as Marmite on the Breakfast bread.

taste research

works As good

Is a yeast extract unhealthy?

Whether the extract is healthy for us or not, is not yet scientifically researched. Although he is not declared as a flavour enhancer, it is, nevertheless, an add-on that enhances the taste. For example, in the case of potato chips.

Who would like to avoid the additional, nevertheless, should in the ideal case, products in which ingredients such as “spice”, “autolysed yeast” or “broth” better avoid The best foods to consume are not processed industrially.

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