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The French word fondue pot is talking shit long and sounds for German ears crap. However, it is the only Crappy in one of my favorite dishes for winter days: the cheese fondue. The fondue pot is called pot. It is the earlier (earthen) vessel, in which the object of my desire – the cool cheese by the fire of my culinary passion was slowly losing the style. The cheese melts involuntarily, baseless melts, go, and he Sounds blissful, by, gentle bubbles, throwing, bubbles.

Oh, also I found made mistakes, have lost my pieces of Bread in the cheese, and half of my brain, in cherry brand (however each Time); have hilfslos see, how in the crucible of fat and protein were separated, the Chose in the crucible bottom to burn and this to the Fondue burner to blame instead of myself.

But then I called the champion of the cheese fondue – it is all for a world champion, Benedict Wüthrich of the dairy Auboranges in the Canton of Fribourg in Western Switzerland.

“What am I doing wrong?”, I asked the man. “How are you?” back he gave. From our conversation and subsequent field experiments in my kitchen most of the tips I can give here, as a result, food.

but Before it comes, the right cheese to go shopping, get you the for the Fondue suitable drinks: a Swiss Fendant, a white wine from a grape variety that we call the Gutedel and the Swiss Chasselas; and, finally, cherry-water.

The cool white wine will refresh us during the meal, his acid was the cheese the Melt to assist him in surrendering to the Inevitable, his hot liquid dissolution quasi-concerns. The cherry brand is to make the food exciting, because it sets the tongue and the pharyngeal space, and in us a feeling sedierter joy widely.

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The Swiss swear by their cheese mixtures. For Fondue, you mixed this yourself, or bought as a ready mix already grated in a cheese shop. Here is a mix of mountain cheese, Gruyère, Appenzeller and Vacherin. Home is also often used only one type of cheese.

©Denise Wachter

world champion Wüthrich conceded that the choice of the cheese at the end it is taste thing. He himself set, but the following mixture:

Vacherin Fribourgeois, 3 months

Vacherin Fribourgeois, 5 months

Gruyère, over 6 months

Gruyère, about 9 months

The month data, the age of the cheese state, time to Mature in the cellar.

When I asked my best dealer in your Download this cheese was rejected my request crowing and indignant. Of course, you only sell aged cheese! Six Months ?!?! Your Gruyère have significantly more than a year on the bark. Whereupon they looked at me askance from the side, as she had, despite our long-term relationship, the suspicion, to have in me, maybe a cheese child molester. And said: “Maybe you better go to the net.”

I added me and took of her spicy hard cheese Gruyère, Gruyere, and not to be confused by your semi-hard cheese Vacherin Fribourgeois (with the soft Vacherin de Mont d’or).

To raffelte home I both (stripped of its bark, as you can think of), mixed the result of equal Parts, and weighed it. As I had the Wüthrich applied? Once again I looked up, aha: Per Esser 200 g of cheese. The ground, it deals a small amount of cornstarch.

“you had no strength,” he said at the end of the Fondue history, “because you can leave the cheese fat ever slightly from the whites.” Just how much strength? Per kilogram of Gera ffelten cheese you expect starch 1 tablespoon or 14 grams. I figured the for me purchased quantity of 400 g of cheese (I cook mostly for two) and came to just 6 grams.

Well, that I possess a fine balance (from a pastry supply store in Bordeaux, to find the term on the Internet). I measured, and was glad that I just saw a COP on the shoulder (the plot looks like after the Weigh in, illicit narcotics), and mixed white starch powder with the fingers loosely under the cheese flakes. I lifted my cast iron fondue pot iron. The wine I had long since cold, the cherry brand but not, because that is the only bad shots you have to cool.

“Like a lot of cherry water I pour in the cheese mass?”, I had asked Wüthrich. – “None at all”, he replied.

Oh?! And I had seen the cherry-water as a Würzfaktor for the cheese.

“could The tilt then as well in the lake,” said the fondue world champion and explained how to do it correctly: “you put the cherry in small glasses to your plate on the table. Then dunk” (he said tunkchen) “pull out your toast briefly in the liquor, it is due to the liquid cheese (Kchääße), lead it in the mouth, chewing and then see what happens.”

And what is the bread? “Bright, not too solid wheat bread, unsweetened and with crust cut.” If I’m doing it because at least with the edge length of 2 cm right and also in order to roast the cubes in the oven at 200 degrees until they are crispy on the outside, but still soft and delicate? This is the Wüthrich replied in the affirmative.

I forgot not the man to ask whether and, if so, how much wine I have with the cheese in the fondue pot, pour in.”60 ml wine, 200 g cheese,” was his answer.

And what’s the wine – I’s any? Wüthrich takes Chasselas, others would prefer to Chardonnay, only no sugar should be in the wine. The acid in the wine is important, because you melt in the cheese-bound calcium, and bring the cheese to Flow. There were also people who worked with beer as verflüssigendem Medium or with champagne. Because, let free to experiment, traditionally, but dry white wine.

And when the wine to the cheese? “In the Heat of the fondue pot together with 1 clove of garlic per Kilo of cheese.”

Not too quickly, the Heat should happen, but over a period of 10 minutes, maybe, on the stove.

“And constantly stirring, you should not to allow the cheese to the pot attaches to ground!” Therefore, too much talkativeness is in the implementation of the food not good: “20 minutes, then the Fondue should be eaten, with constant Stirring.”

And from time to time a SIP of wine and also a glass of schnapps? “Exactly,” said Wüthrich.

don’t talk so damn much! The same thing with the hot cheese and the cold Wa and all and with the range of fruit brandies, in the I tunkchen my toast “”. The has something!

I find nearly as much Favor of this concept is that I serve whenever possible, more than one Brand to the Fondue. Pear tastes like, raspberry, Apple, Plum, apricot, even Nussler – this is a nut of a fire. And every bite triggers through the flash heat of the fire in the cheesy Magma a retro nasal taste explosion. Because I prefer the by the Heating of the fruit distillate volatile flavors when Inhaled deeply into the pharynx and the nasal cavity.

After 20 minutes, by eating, talking, without, clearly in the glass and deep into the eyes looked … And what do we do now with the rest of the evening?

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