You got as a single woman this year, a Michelin star – what’s stopping you


Ms. Dalad Kambhu, under 309 star chefs in Germany, there are only ten women. Why do you think there are so few women in top restaurants?

I think that is changing. But it is still a process. I’ve met a lot of women, the chef wanted to be inside, but you have not taken the opportunity or were afraid that you can’t make it.

sexism in the catering industry

A cook is expecting: What you Shocking about the abuse behind the stove reports

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Plays the sexism in the kitchen is a role?

Definitely. I have had male employees, who did not want to follow my instructions and not taken seriously. Men have made about my decoration on the plate is funny, because I had done a flower. This Problem will only change if we are decent and nice to each other. This is in every industry the only way for a better future, in which men and women work.

How important is the Michelin star for your Restaurant “Kin Dee”?

I was very happy about it, not because I was the only woman on this evening, which has got a Michelin star, but because of a Thai Restaurant was excellent. And in a city where the people refuse, for Thai food and spend money. Now we have, in a sense, an international recommendation that you can spend on Thai food more.

you have kept up with model jobs and some are self-taught. You have never done a cooking training. How did you get into cooking?

I love to eat. And I always wanted to make the food yourself. I worked as a Model and also in the gastronomy, but never in the kitchen. So I decided to open in 2016, my own Restaurant.

you have selected for Berlin, and the Tiergarten district of Berlin. Why just there?

I have never lived in Berlin, but it was a possibility and I had a good feeling for the city and the Vibe. It felt right, so I slammed. But I had not reckoned with the prejudices, the Thai food to be brought.

voltage in the star kitchen

more nonchalance? Why the Michelin guide could be younger

the guests are not willing to spend money on Thai food and spend.

Exactly. The guests think Thai food has to be cheap. Because you know it is so out of your holiday. So I’m told often how Thai food should be, although I myself have lived there for 20 years.

How do you deal with it?

I clear, and explain what Thai food implies really. It is a question of the Balance between acidity, Sweetness and bitterness, the need to bring it perfectly in line. I cook because I grew up in Thailand. The food is my business card.

What is on the menu?

home-cooked Thai Food, the fun. And as the ingredients I use, the products that grow in the surrounding area.

But they serve Thai food. How does it work?

I am guided by the traditions of Thailand. There is also used only for what the season will bring. Since I make all the curry pastes and sauces yourself, it works very well. There is then a pig, for example, sorrel, salt, and Chili or spicy wild …

do you Like German food?

Yes, I love chips and like to eat dumplings.


chef Thomas Bühner, “La Vie”

He had one of the best Restaurants in the world to close – what has this to do with the stinginess of the Germans in order to

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

your menu costs 55 euros. They are planning to raise the prices?

prefer not to. I wish that my Restaurant for all guests is accessible. It is also a lot of young people come that will like to stay that way.

38 price-makers, you have to get as the only woman this year a Michelin star. They had mixed feelings as to whether the award?

Yes, I have asked myself, why am I the only woman here. I didn’t understand. It is 2019, more women should be.

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