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What could be because, let’s be Nice to cook, so there is something to celebrate, but you don’t want to throw the kitchen into Chaos and the energy of the food and the accompanying champagne more rewarding to use than to the operation of the dishwasher? I would call for luxury spaghetti of a type that is so long easy to prepare, as you invest a little time in the buying of the ingredients and their preparation.

First of all, I look what I got from all the Necessary in the house. Let’s see: good Spaghetti, olive oil, shallots, fresh garlic, Noilly Prat (fish cooks love the spicy vermouth from Marseillan), lemon grass, salt, white pepper (or, to be more expensive, however, Piment d’espelette), Crème fraîche, black garlic, Candied lemon peel (candied orange peel), Radishes, spring onions, fresh Chervil, trout caviar (30 g), 1 pack of boneless raw lobster meat and Butter.

Here are the explanations of some of the ingredients. Lobster meat? Raw lobster meat without the shell (!) there is deep-frozen in the delicatessen trade, as well as in the wholesale trade, the supplies of food and drink; the product is called “naked lobster” and comes from Canada – 140 g cost about 20 euros. Who has no access to the wholesale market to hear. Almost every retailer, but any restaurateur, has a wholesale card and bring the coveted goods out of kindness, so you, with him or her.

“Naked lobster” is a Top-product in which the meat of the lobster by me is not closer to the known printing process perfectly from the shell is solved. Its use saves the trouble of looking for dealers with a Lobster tank, the own Kill as well as the tricky Trigger of the flesh, I have never been so perfect, as the printing method makes.

question: Yes, there are also plenty of Lobster? Prior to Helgoland no, Canada Yes. From there, the product also comes.

Must die the Lobster for me? Yes, he must; but must every stupid chicken – and whose life was less entertaining than that of the lobster.

Next question: candied Citron, wat is dat? It is the candied peel of Zedratzitrone, which is almost just a shell and hardly any fruit flesh. Most of the time the Treat comes from Sicily – known in the Christmas bakery, but the citric character of the sparkling goods outweighs the Sweetness. Candied lemon peel in the supermarket, with the best quality but only for really good bakers, of whom one can ask a a handful of.

Black garlic is fermented, it tastes fruity and does not smell. There are in the at the health food store and Dittmann.

The preparatory steps

I walk to the stove and make a note of preparation: The lobster meat I thaw in the package (so I put them unopened in cold water, it takes only 5-10 minutes); I solve it from the package and place it on kitchen paper.

2 shallots, and 1 plump, fresh clove of garlic, peel and finely chop and place in a small saucepan in a little Oil until they are translucent, with 1 shot of Noilly Prat (about 50 ml) to deglaze and reduce the liquid.

3 stalks lemon grass, first cut in half lengthwise, the halves then across into fine slices and place in the pot, add a further 50 ml Noilly Prat, add the Shebang and bring to a boil, with 300 g Crème fraîche filling, and the Whole gently köchelnd infuse, 30 minutes.

Now a little craft work – I want to decorate my luxury spaghetti strap with colorful sparkling taste and strong accents I knispele 3-4 black cloves of garlic from their pergamentenen shell and dice them finely (do not chop); the stuff is a little sticky and I need about 1 TBSP. A little candied Citron or candied orange peel I roll … in a similar size and quantity.

I brush 4-5 Radishes, and you roll the die, and shell. 3 spring cutting onions, I in 3 mm thick slices. I blanchiere both Radishes and spring from bulbs – for about 10-20 seconds and stop immediately cold, then I put them on kitchen paper.

The Crème fraîche, I pour it through a sieve, Express the solid components in the opportunity well and tell them leise Servus. I mixed with salt and pepper to the cream sauce has a smooth creamy consistency. Up to this point, I can prepare the dish, the Rest is fresh.

The finished job steps

I put the spaghetti water and salts (1 l of water = 10 g of salt).

I pluck the chervil leaves from the stems and cut them with a tender feeling.

The Spaghetti I untergare, for example, is 8 minutes cooking time on the package, so I get 6 minutes out of the pot. Then I drain the Pasta so that a small (!) Puddle Garwasser in the pot remains (not the Pasta or something like that) scare you. I give the Spaghetti back in the hot pot, pour in the cream and schwenke.

In the sequence, and the residual heat of the stove, the Pasta absorbs the moisture and changes to Creamy.

I lift now, half of the Chervil, or 1 cupped Hand full.

The lobster meat, I cut the mouth (just the scissors I), mixed with salt and pepper it lightly and leave it in a little melted Butter at a medium-high heat for about 2 minutes (no longer) wear.

I serve the Spaghetti on a well-preheated deep plates, distribute the colorful Gewürfel black garlic, candied Citron, etc., on the noodles also the shining trout caviar. The nearly pan-fried lobster pieces I place in the appropriate Places, the lobster, I use scissors as a crowning glory on top.

I let the hot Pasta with the cool bubbly and my discreet charm work and see what happens.

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