Goat cheese is always popular – But what happens to the goats?


“goats, you can milk.” Bernd Merscher, starting at the front, if you ask him what the breeder how he was doing with the goats. And he laughs at the question of whether the poor male goats stink useless, in addition to the valuable female running, and just awful. Merscher has a goat farm in Rhineland-Palatinate, Karbach, and is the Chairman of the Federal Association of German goat breeders. And he has something rare: a meat goat herd. Merscher know what to do with the goats.

On the Hand is what the female animals: The cheese made from their milk is becoming more popular. Numbers to the volumes, however, are rare. In the final report a system analysis of sheep and goat milk production in Germany, which has supported the state Ministry of economic Affairs from 2014 to 2017, is “for years, the rising popularity of” the speech. Concrete Numbers are only to demand change from 2014 to 2015 increased from 12 900 13 300 tons. But all the experts agree that the demand has increased in recent years.

Lars Rehmann, speaking of cheese like a drug: “You get most of it with cream cheese, then cream, and then it is always spicy”. As a “gateway cheese” is suitable for a mild. Particularly well you could watch the cheese theory with goat cheese. The Image to taste particularly strict, and is, therefore, rather to remain in the image – Junkies. Rehmann works for the Käserei Altenburger Land, in Thuringia, Lumpzig, making the old Green Burger goat cheese, and thus advertises, to produce a particularly mild version.

Strict taste? The buck is Not to blame

Gourmet kitchen

Baked goat cheese convinced self-vegetarians

to blame for the strict goat cheese taste was the goat, explains Rehmann. Because the goat stinks, and has helped the goat products, from cheese to meat to your stringent Image. From a simple reason, the demand for goat cheese has increased in recent years, he says. Earlier, milk goats, and the stink had blocks been kept together. And that alone was sufficient, so that the milk of the goat to take the taste of the goat. Today, farmers kept separated the male and female animals in General, which have made the cheese a mild and mass-market.

So the gantry is the big Problem in the goat industry? A little bit it certainly sounds like it, if you read the final report of the market analysis. Again and again the talk is of a Dilemma: “to many male fawns”. As a “pressing challenge” referred to kids, the report “the growing range of male Battle; here, the marketing options have to be created”.

Also goat breeders Bernd Merscher can only laugh. “There is an excellent market for goat meat,” says Merscher. He has 350 animals in his herd. “We sell everything to private or fine dining. Since the market is simply not available.” Especially the young goats, female and male, are a delicacy. They tasted not at all strict, if you are young enough. The younger the goat, or the goat, the less strictly the taste.

Merscher and his meat goat herd, but rather the exception, says Anna Kirchner from the German animal protection Association. “Goat meat is still in Germany, a rather rare speciality and has a sell-inflammatory Image: strict, tough, Bock taste,” she explains.

blocks are cut from ate

Bad posture and conditions

“Ökotest” checks Parmesan cheese – a cheese good for

Whether it’s meat or milk a herd of goats: goats are eaten. Merscher speaks of a great gastronomic market. Kirchner confirmed that, even if you referred to the market as difficult. But also animal feed containing goat meat, she says. Especially in canned food for Pets such as cats or dogs, goat meat is included. From the point of view of the animal protective Association of a difficult usage, because it was actually too valuable for that.

in 2016, according to Kirchner in Germany, almost 140 000 goats in around 9800 Farms. Around 60 percent were female. More than half of the non-breeding required female and male kids were slaughtered before the sixth month of life.

A big advantage with the goat, the goat problem reduces, but The goat also gives milk when she has no fawn. You could milk for years, if you’ve got young explains Merscher. “These large farms, the milking of the goat, five, six years without you get in between a lamb.” And small blocks, which are not born, feed must not to the cat.

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